Nursing Assistant

Application deadlines per semester:

  • Fall Semester (August-December): Applications are due by July 1st.
  • Spring Semester (January-May): Applications are due by December 1st.
  • Summer Semester (June-July): Applications are due by April 1st.
The mission of the Nursing Assistant program is to meet the health care needs of our communities in which we serve.

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The Nursing Assistant Program is a 6 credit hour course.  After successful completion of the semester long program, the Nursing Assistant is qualified to take the state certification exam. A graduate is eligible for employment at many facilities as a Nursing Assistant, however with certification or License,  employment options are greater and pay may be benefited.   

The Nursing Assistant Program is offered on all four campuses.  Mohave Community College is an active participant with the JTED/WAVE programs. The Nursing Assistant program is offered in the fall and spring semesters. Summer programs are dependent upon instructor availability.

Nursing Assistant application is available on the right-hand side of this page under Admission Requirements.

Estimated Nursing Assistant Program Student Cost

MCC Program Fees:
Tuition $480
Course $310
Technology $36
Activity $6
Total: $832
Additional Required Costs:
Testing and Licensure $118
Books $125
CPR Certification $35
TB Skin Test $60
Immunizations or Titers / Drug Screen $120
Physical Exam $50
Background Check $50
Fingerprints $50
Medical Equipment
(stethoscope, watch w/second hand, gait belt)
Uniform/Shoes $90
Food Handlers Card $10
Total: $768
Total Estimated Cost of Program: $1600

Nursing Assistant Certification Pass Rates


2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016

First Time Pass Rate

76% 70% 69% 74%